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In the West, we forget just how many orphans there are in the world. The Bible in James 1:27 commands us to “look after widows and orphans in their distress.” If we take this command seriously, how might we remember the fatherless in our world?

Although Canada has orphans, much of the situation here is masked by our prosperity. In other parts of the world, the dire need of children is much more evident. There are many great charities to give to and get involved with supporting. Maybe you are interested in adopting a child internationally or going on a mission trip to minister at an orphanage! Pray that God would open your eyes to see the world as He sees it.

During my undergraduate degree, I learned about international development. There are several theories in this field, but a widely accepted approach these days is a notion called “sustainable development.” This means that non-government organizations, looking for measurable results, will begin a development project or program to help transform a community. They will have an exit plan a few years down the line, ensuring that these communities build capacity so that they can achieve independence later on. In other words, farmers are educated, the health sector may be bolstered through training of doctors and small business microfinancing can be used as a tool to jumpstart local economies. This improves the lives of everyone in the community, including orphans and single mothers. While I believe that sustainable development is something to be desired and sought after (teaching the proverbial man how to fish), we must look out for our children so that they can have a bright future. Children don’t deserve to be caught in the trappings of poverty. So, why not look up a reputable charity and sponsor a child? It’s a move you won’t regret!

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