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Although we haven’t technically been trying for a full year, we’ve been referred to the fertility clinic in town. Questions about our eating, drinking and smoking habits, medical histories, physical examinations, blood work and then booked in for various other tests and ultrasounds. We were given all the stats as well. Nothing new here … the older you are, the harder it is to get pregnant and the greater the risks. But not impossible. In fact, most couples do conceive within this second year of trying. So there’s definitely hope.

The best advice, keep on trying and put our names on the waiting list for IVF. It’s about a year wait and that gives us plenty of time to talk about whether we even want to go down that avenue and also to try. There’s also another method we can try that I have never heard of called IUI. It’s not as successful as IVF but also less invasive and technically there’s no wait. I say technically as the funding has run out for this financial year so we will have to wait until April. God is in control and we can trust him.


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