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Before we started on this infertility journey my medical file was basically empty. Now I’m starting to get very used to all the different types of ultrasound out there. Sometimes you need to pee first, for others you need a full bladder (they’re the worst!), some are more intimate than others. I’ve finally worked out how to wrap the sheet around me (it’s harder than you think … Do you fold it in half length ways or width ways? Do you keep the opening at the back or the side? How do you climb onto the bed while keeping your decency? Does that even matter considering they’re about to stick a wand up my vagina?! Where do you lie when you finally get onto the bed?)

Today they’re checking if my fallopian tubes are blocked. So I’m undergoing HyCoSy tubal patency testing. Here they basically send aerated saline through the fallopian tubes. Because it shows up a different colour to the sterile saline which they use to highlight the uterine cavity, they can track its progress to see if it goes all the way through both tubes. Shannon was my sonographer today and she explained everything to me. She was lovely and kept me distracted while the doctor was injecting the saline. As I started feeling incredibly intense stomach cramps the doctor mentioned it might hurt! “No kidding” I mumbled as Shannon continued to distract me by talking about Ireland. And then it was over! And they’re clear. Glad that test is over!


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