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Why do some churches insist on doing this? We were visiting my in-laws for Father’s Day and visited a local church. All the Dads were asked to stand. Not, men but Dads. They were honoured and praised, singled out for being Dads. Don’t get me wrong, I think Dads (and Moms) should be honoured. It’s a tough job. But if you’re a church leader, please can I ask you to consider the impact this has on men (and women) in the church who are longing to become Dads. The impact on those who have lost Dads or never had a Dad. I sat and held my husband’s hand. I wanted him to be able to stand, and I felt sad that he couldn’t. Because my womb is still empty.

Infertility affects men and women in different ways – and none of us like having it rubbed in our faces. Please be inclusive. Single men and men without kids can still have an incredible impact in the lives of children. Please honour them too.


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