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Although uncommon, infertility in animals occurs from time to time. This is something that farmers need to look out for as we move into the sophisticated world of the twenty-first century with hormone-injected meat and large-scale farming. Yet what about the farming families out there who are infertile themselves; those who milk the cows, collect eggs and harvest fruit or vegetables that we consume?

Today, many farmers may choose to have smaller families due to the technology available for them to run their farms. Modern farmers rely heavily on their machines to assist them in doing their work. Other farmers may still have larger families, but what about the farming couple that is infertile? I imagine it must happen. Who would help with the animals, with the harvest?

It is a truism that our modern society does not necessitate large families as our rural society once did. However, I would argue that societal growth is a good thing, and certainly replacing the previous generation follows the command in the book of Genesis to be fruitful and multiply. Let us ponder for a moment, though, that even in traditional occupations like farming, there are couples—though they be a minority—that are infertile. We are living after the fall. Let’s pray for those who long to have children but cannot. Pray for an adoption to happen, pray for peace and a sense of calling on those people’s lives, who are affected by this challenge that life brings along.


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