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I must have read their story hundreds of times, but today as I was reading it four things stood out to me. I found them encouraging and I hope you do too.

It was at least 13 years from when God told Abram that he would have a son till Sarai conceived. I wonder how long and how often they both doubted God’s word? I don’t want to wait that long, but it’s a reminder that God’s timing is different from ours!

Sarai at least had given up – she laughed when the angel said she would have a son within a year. Despite her doubt she still become a Mum! God’s faithfulness is not dependent on our faith.

While he was waiting, Abram kept fighting for justice, looking after his family and doing what he was chosen to. God has a plan for me today as well.

By taking matters into his own hands, all sorts of problems were caused. I can trust God.